“There are stock photographers and there are artistic photographers, and then there are everyone else. How you feel about your creations determines who you are.”

Stock photographers feel their images for their buyers, the end-user of their images! They know what their customers want. They care about the needs of their customers and not about their own. They care even less in the effects of manipulating light as they go for the perfection of tack sharp images. Bokeh? Noise? What is that to a stocker! They are the “Wall Street” sharks that goes for the jugular, the extra twenty dollars to flatten the 70yr old auntie in Grand Theft Auto! They are the corporate men in black suit in the photography industry.

Earth_Asia STOCK!

Artistic photographers! This is the hungry type! I mean really biologically hungry as they starve (deprived of nutrition from lack of income to buy that sandwich in Pret-A-Meal)  because they won’t bow to mainstream photographic rules & regulation. This is the photographer that always intend to bend the imagination of an image by constantly attempting to manipulate light to reflect their soul. So, they call art. Who cares if the sky is grained out by noise!? Who cares if the subject is blurred out of focus to depict the tormenting agony!? Who cares if the colour temperature (WB & colour cast) is too cold to reflect emotion of the moment!? Artistic photographer don’t give a hoot if you purchase their photos or not. They want to show the world what they feel. They are the naturalist, the world is their canvas and they want to keep it pristine, so that they can paint on it over and over again with their film or sensor (in the digital world).

Reneweable_Enery ART!

Everyone else with a trigger finger, you are the happy lot! You care neither for the money nor the art. You care only for converting your memory into a tangible form, film or file. Nothing bothers you, you owe no one any explanation as you consume what you produce. May your image be derived from a 0.1MP Nokia 6230 or a 12.1MP Nikon D5000, it is the same to you. You aim, you frame, you shoot! And then its into your scrapbook or personal album. The memory, remembrance, that is what they cried out.

P1010596 SNAPSHOT!!

I love photography! I love it to bits!! I want to be part of all, to savour everything. I want to step into all boats at the same time and not fall into the river. Can I?

Wudang_unfiltered ART OR STOCK??

Of-course there are photo-journalist, fashion photographer, etc, etc! But are they actually any different than the two mentioned? Or a combination?

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