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July 20, 2012

20 July 2012: The Muslim fasting month begins tomorrow (21 July) and after that its Eid Fitr celebration. Fasting begins at dawn with a Fajr prayer and last through the day and ends at dusk with the Maghrib prayer. Pious Muslim break fast with a simple meal but it is not unusual to see modern Muslim glutton over large buffet of savoury and sweets, which defeats the purpose of practising the effort of fasting, which is incidentally to experience humility in submission to their God.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan can be a colourful month with exotic bazaar springing up all over Muslim area.


Enjoy your Ramadan month and peace be to you 🙂

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October 17, 2010

Marine Marina QEII 

Ever wonder why some landscape photos just stand out and some fizzle out? Ever wonder why some will invite so many praises while some is just ignored! Wonder no more, I have been studying postings after postings of professional photography forums in the past few months to try to find out why, AND I concluded that the main 3 basic rules to create a great landscape composition are simply :

  1. No clouds! No landscape photo!
  2. Horizon in the centre kills a landscape photo!
  3. Never ever crop any object in a landscape photo, its either in or its out!

Rule #1 : What is a landscape, if it has a dull boring sky? It simply leaves the landscape feeling empty. The drama and mood is always express with a cloud formation! A good photographer create a great sunrise or sunset by playing sunlight against the cloud. Clouds are the tapestry of a landscape image and what would a scenery be if clouds are missing. So always remember, unless you can get image of Moses coming down from Mount Sinai on a cloudless day, the landscape photo will always be dull and uninteresting!

Rule #2 : What is the meaning of the position of a horizon? Our human eye always perceived images with odd number mathematically proportion as being more aesthetic than those that is proportioned in even number. Don’t ask me, ask all the photographers that study the Art! Even ask yourself, if you split an image into two halves, your brain will be fighting to determine which half is supposed to be the main focus of the image. Ease your viewers brain by leading them to see the foreground or the background depending on how interesting each is! If you have a dramatic sky with majestic rainbow, give two third attention to the sky BUT if you have a fantastic colourful agricultural rows of rapeseed plantation, then by all means dedicate two third of the image to the foreground. Try it and see for yourself the different!

Rule #3 : Imagine what could be more ugly than a house decapitated in half or a protruding head of a person stuck at the bottom of your image!? Imagine too, a marine marina with a yacht without a mast against a sunrise!? Not really beautiful isn’t it? Exactly! In fact, it makes the image really weird or strange. So always remember to always frame your image to either include or not any object that is in your peripheral view AND never chop them into any pieces.

So what are you going to do now!? Grab your camera (SLR or not) and try out this three simple rules and see for yourself an improved landscape photo.

Exemption clause : Note that following this simple rules will give you a nice composition BUT getting the killer image will depend heavily on the subject you are shooting 🙂

In my next blog, I will share tips on how to get tack sharp landscape image with the right colour cast and exposure, which is the technical aspect of getting the right aperture size, focusing method and white balance correct. They too are very important in making a landscape image even more aesthetic.


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June 5, 2010

A teeny weenie small step for the stock photography industry, but a humungous giant step for me & my pursuit of a stock photography career! I have managed the tenth sale with Dreamstime & a fifth with Fotolia!

Two months into my stock photography career, I finally got fifteen sales from my two favoured micro stock agency, Dreamstime & Fotolia.  I am ecstatic! Even though the earnings from the sales won’t secure me a new car or even pay for a decent dinner but it sure boost my ego and fuelled my drive to go out and get more & better images for my portfolio! Yoo-hoo!

Road_to_NewCity_blog Urbanscape! An image of the modernisation of our living sphere, where skylines are dotted with massive high-rise and the land is scarred with tarred road. Is it gloom & doom OR progress & buttress for humankind? This image is my tenth sales with Dreamstime on . 🙂

Top100_USD_blog Top 100 Companies. The world capital market is dominated by the American currency. Everything related to business are measured & benchmarked in the US dollars. So, who is in the top 100 companies list? The way to compare is to see it the American way. This is my fifth sales with Fotolia on 5 June 2010.

Visit my micro stock agency site & search for my photographer’s call-sign Gwoeii! Love life & live it to the fullest. Cheers…

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