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28 Months and 2000 images later….

October 18, 2012

18 October 2012. It has been a long journey for me and I finally hit the milestone of having my 2000th stock image approved on Shutterstock. Ironically… on the same day Jon Oringer is to ring the bell at NYSE for the IPO of Shutterstock. Good days ahead 🙂

Being with Shutterstock has been a financially rewarding and fulfilling experience.

Appropriately… 2000th images is about “time flies”.


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July 20, 2012

20 July 2012: The Muslim fasting month begins tomorrow (21 July) and after that its Eid Fitr celebration. Fasting begins at dawn with a Fajr prayer and last through the day and ends at dusk with the Maghrib prayer. Pious Muslim break fast with a simple meal but it is not unusual to see modern Muslim glutton over large buffet of savoury and sweets, which defeats the purpose of practising the effort of fasting, which is incidentally to experience humility in submission to their God.

The Muslim holy month of Ramadan can be a colourful month with exotic bazaar springing up all over Muslim area.


Enjoy your Ramadan month and peace be to you 🙂

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May 19, 2012

18 May 2012: I have my 1661st image approved at Shutterstock.


The thin line between the riot police and the protestor.




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